Our Mission

At Clintonville Auto Detailing our top mission is your satisfaction and praise. We take pride in our work and strive to put the best detailed cars on the road, in your driveways and garages. What we promise above all other shops in this industry, is a personal touch. We care about your car of course, but we care about YOU! This truly reflects in the work that we do here at Clintonville Auto Detailing.

Our Values

At Clintonville Auto Detailing we value trust, kindness, community, leadership, teamwork, and professionalism.  We are in a charming community.  In this community, residents and customers have been satisfied with the degree of our workmanship.  This satisfaction has left the community referring our expertise to their family, friends, and neighbors.  In addition to serving the community of individuals, we also work daily to meet the needs of large luxury car dealerships.  These companies have spoken volumes of praise for our team.  Expressing their gratitude and relief to have found a shop that provides the personal service and professionalism they have been seeking for so many years and through so many other shops.  We have been a member of the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commercesince 2006.

* New Vehicle Ozone Treatment Package

At Clintonville Auto Detailing we are currently utilizing the Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer. This machine is used to completely remove those persistent odors and purify the air within your vehicle caused by tobacco smoke, pets, mildew, fish, milk, etc. The Sonozair uses a natural process to electronically neutralize the air within your vehicle without the use of chemicals, so there is no harsh after smell. This treatment is perfect for any vehicle.



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